Speech and Language Development

These skills will be enhanced through reading daily stories and circle discussions. We will also encourage your child to use their words to address their needs as well as likes and dislikes to both their peers and teacher. As your child’s language skills increase, we will introduce phonics to improve the correct pronunciation of words as well as learn to identify the letters of the alphabet.
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Health and Nutrition

At Angels R Forever we cater to your child’s hungry tummies with healthy snacks and lunches. We provide a two week menu rotation during the summer months. During the winter, we offer a four week menu rotation which gives your child a wide variety of healthy foods during the long winter months. Our menu is all based around the Canadian food Guide which are appropriate to your child's age group.
Sensory Play

This area of development is probably one of the most crucial stages in development. At Angels R Forever we will allow your child to explore this world of sensory through many different activities such as; listening to different sounds and identifying the sound using pictures, as well as tasting and smelling many different foods through cooking as a class. On our walks we will listen to the sounds we hear – identify what the object is, play I spy – finding the object, and smell and touch the flowers, grass and leaves. The sense of touch is introduced through creative art, feel and touch, sand box, water play, whip cream, jell-o play and many other things.
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