Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is defined as a way of thinking, reasoning or remembering. Activities such as sorting objects, problem solving, classifying and relationships between objects and events are all ways to stimulate this area of development. Here at Angels R Forever you will find we focus on enriching the mind through puzzles, sorting objects by shapes, colours and sizes. Through stories, we ask questions related to the story such as; “Why did the mouse use a ladder to pick the strawberry?” Learning to understand simple relationships between a shovel and bucket or bowl and spoon are all ways we learn to strengthen your child’s cognitive development.
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Dramatic Play

Dramatic play gives your child the freedom to pretend and imitate adults through play. It gives a child a sense of independence and builds their social skills as they learn to interact with their peers.
Gross Motor Development

Gross motor skills are defined as the movements of the large muscles of the body. Your child will take part in activities such as; playing action games, crawling through the tunnel, chasing bubbles, and outdoor play (slides, teeter-totter, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, hula-hoops, and push toys). During warm months your child will enjoy jumping and splashing in and out of the wading pool, running through sprinklers and having fun sliding down on the water slide. Through these many different activities your child will master manipulating around obstacles, coordination skills and develop their sense of balance.
Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills development is defined as small muscle movements that occur in the finger, in coordination with the eyes. Activities such as creative art – colouring, pasting, painting and cutting, playing with play dough and picking up and placing small objects into containers strengthen this area of development. As your child grows we will increase this development by introducing dressing (lacing, fastening, and zipping), tracing and writing to enrich your child even further.
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